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Will iontophoresis stimulators damage or reprogram my pacemaker?

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Treatment should not damage most pacemakers. However, there is the potential for your pacemaker to sense the output from an iontophoresis stimulator and temporarily inhibit the pacemaker or cause asynchronous pacing.

Whenever a current is passed through the body, there is a possibility that the pacemaker can sense this signal. Iontophoresis stimulators produce approximately 1-4 mA of current, which may interact with cardiac pacemakers.

If you decide to proceed with the iontophoresis procedure, be alert for symptoms like those you may have experienced before the pacemaker was implanted (dizziness, light-headedness, and such). If these symptoms occur, discontinue treatment. The symptoms should disappear.

For Physicians & Health Care Professionals
Program pacemakers with impedance based sensors (like minute ventilation or stroke volume for rate responsive pacing) to a non-rate responsive mode to prevent increased pacing rates during iontophoresis treatment.

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