Pacemaker/ ICD Change (without lead revision) Discharge Instructions

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You will need a 2 week follow-up appointment with us to evaluate your surgical wound healing process. Call 480-246-3000 to schedule this appointment, with one of our device specialists, if one was not made for you at the time of your discharge from the hospital.

If you were assigned a remote transmitter (to check your device from home), please set up your transmitter per enclosed instructions. Further instructions on your transmitter will be provided at your two week follow-up visit.

Home Care for Your Incisions Site:

Proper care of postoperative incisions will greatly enhance the healing process.

Taking care of your wound:
  • Remove only the large dressing over the ICD 48 hours after surgery if dressing was not removed in the hospital.
  • DO NOT remove Steri strips, the surgical tape that is taped directly on your skin over the incision. We will remove them at your 2 week follow-up appointment.
  • Shower as usual the morning after discharge.
  • Don’t scrub the incision area, just wash gently with soap, rinse and pat dry with a clean towel (do not rub).
  • Do not submerge your wound in a bathtub, swimming pool or Jacuzzi for 6 weeks.
  • Some discomfort such as mild redness, itching and swelling may occur. These symptoms are part of the normal healing process. Don’t scratch the wound if it starts to itch.
  • Avoid tight clothing over incision/pocket site.
  • Protect your incision area from excessive sunlight. Do NOT apply any type of lotion or cream to the site.

Signs of Infection/Problem:
  • Significant redness, heat, swelling or severe pain.
  • Fever of 100 degrees or higher.
  • White, yellow, or greenish discharge from the wound or significant bleeding.
  • Opening of the wound.
  • Discomfort related to the wound should decrease every day.

  • Continue to take medications unless told otherwise at discharge.
  • Exercise as usual. Avoid tight clothing over incision/pocket site.
  • Call if you experience any dizziness, lightheadedness, fainting or any questions related to your device.

  • Don’t have an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) unless it has been 6 weeks after implant and you have a known MRI compatible device and an order has been signed by your EP doctor.
  • Don’t put a cell phone in your shirt pocket over your device.
  • Magnets can affect your device. Please read enclosed materials.