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Known for his uncompromising standards and commitment to healing patients. Dr. David W. Riggio specializes in the most complex and difficult cases, many of which are referred to him by other electrophysiologists. Dr. Riggio has been practicing clinical cardiac electrophysiology in Arizona since 1993 and is recognized for his expertise in lead extractions. Before joining AAC, Dr. Riggio completed his cardiology fellowship at LAC/USC Medical center and an electrophysiology fellowship at the University of Maryland Medical Center. He is a member of several medical honor societies and continues to research new alternatives in the field of clinical electrophysiology.

Dr. Riggio is board certified in Internal Medicine, Cardiology and Electrophysiology.


Thomas Mattioni M.D.

Michael Zawaneh M.D.

Junaid Bhutto M.D.

David Riggio M.D.

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